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oil and gas production technology


Course objectives:


·      Familiarize the participants with both upstream, and downstream operations and related facilities.

·      Familiarize the participants with various methods and techniques used to explore, drill, produce, treat and transport oil, gas and their products.

·    Understand the oil & gas operations of various field facilities from wellhead, flow lines, separators, tanks, pumps and compressors, pipelines, gas treatment and processing, refinery operations, etc.

·     Understand the basic concept with regards to evaluating oil & gas reserves, artificial lift and enhancing recovery.

·     Understand the challenge associated with this industry such as offshore operations, horizontal drilling and other safety concerns.

·     Get a general feel for petroleum economics and risk analysis.

·         Identify the well production problems.

·         Understand the principle of  oil and gas operations, applications and analysis.

·         Identify and explain the contribution of oil and gas operations in petroleum industry

·         Learn through the different stages of oil and gas operations.


Course contents:


·                  Introduction

    ·         Pre-test

    ·                   Overview   Oil & Gas industry

    ·                     Exploring for Oil & Gas

    ·                      Reservoir  types

    ·                     How oil wells are drilled (Makin hole)                                                            

    ·                      Drilling technology


    DAY 2

    ·          Upstream operations

    ·          Inflow and outflow performance  

    ·          Production system analysis

    ·          Well Completion

    ·      Types of completion

    ·      Completion equipments

    ·      Completion design

    ·      Horizontal well completion

    ·      Completion fluid

    ·      Well perforation

    ·      Well Stimulation

    ·       Case studies



    DAY 3

    ·        Oil & Gas Production

    ·        Well testing

    ·        Well test design  

    ·        Test analysis and evaluation

    ·         Practical exercises and examples

    ·         Formation damage

    ·         Types of formation damage

    ·         Causes of damage formation and remedial action


    DAY 4

    ·          Artificial lift technology

    ·          Types of artificial lift

    ·          Artificial lift selection

    ·          Artificial lift design

    ·          Examples and case studies


               Work over Operations

               Reasons for work over

               Types of work over

              Case studies



    DAY 5

    ·        The Downstream operations

    ·        Surface production facilities

    ·        Oil and Gas processing &treatment  

    ·        Water treatment

             Gas dehydration and sweatin





Who should attend?


The course is designed for oil & gas production field personnel, operations, process and supervisors, petroleum eng., drilling eng., production eng., reservoir eng.  ,support engineers and engineering trainees. It would also be of benefit to safety and other support staff who have an interest in increasing their understanding of Oil & Gas Operations


Course duration:  


Five days