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Production Services
  • Commissioning, start up, and testing procedures of the oil & gas process plants.

  • De-sludge and clean up of the storage oil tanks and other process facilities, using up to date techniques, Thermal treatment, chemical treatment and mechanical treatment, Special consideration for NORM.

  • Sludge disposal either contaminated or free NORM, using special contracts with Egyptian Cement Company ECC or Nasriaa Hazard waste Disposal Center.

  • Storage Oil tanks repairs, [bottom, shell, and roof repairs] including sandblasting, inspection, painting and hydrostatic testing either the tanks are fixed or floating roofs.

  • Using the API inspection code No: 571.

  • Preparing Oil . Gas process operating Manual.

  • Tank Gauging and calibration.

  • Process hazard analysis PHA.

  • HAZOP for the new project and existing projects modifications.

  • Fourteen training courses oil & gas process.

  • Auditing and Inspection of the process plants.

  • Plant Shut down, risk assessment, Instrumented safety system, procedure, preparation, purging and hot work securing.

  • Entry to confined spaces procedure & applications.