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Integration of Rocks And Log Data



Course Contents:


    • Core Analysis


    • Reservoir Rock Properties


    • Basics of Logging Measurements


    • Core – Log Petro physical Parameters relation ship


    • Petro physical Parameters from core and log


    • Application of Core – Log relationship for formation evaluation


    • Dip meter Relation with Core data


    • Depositional Environment and Sedimentary Sequences From Core and Log


    Course Objective:


    By the completion of the course the participants will be fully about


    • The basic concepts of core preparation, saturation, and core analysis types


    • The Petro physical rock properties such as porosity, permeability, saturation, and porosity-permeability relations


    • Basic measurements and physics of well logging tools to methods for interpretations of these parameters


    • Relationship between core analysis data and logging measurements


    • The Core – Log relations needed to solve or explain many problems of logging measurements and rock properties



Who Should Attend?


Geologists, geophysicists, petro physicists, and reservoir, petroleum engineers whose job requires a more extensive knowledge of core and log relations


Course Duration: 5 days